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Reverse Engineering the Amazon Dash Wand: Part 2 - Local Shenanigans

About the Project This is the second in a series of posts outlining my efforts to reverse engineer the new Amazon Dash Wand to understand how it works and how secure it is. Rather than just do the typical security blog writeup of exploits, I wanted to share the entire process including the numerous dead ends and false leads involved in an embedded reverse engineering effort. You can find other posts in the series here.


Reverse Engineering the Amazon Dash Wand: Part 1 - First Steps

About the Project I recently picked up Amazon’s new Dash Wand essentially for free due to an Amazon promotion ($20 worth of Amazon credits if you purchase the $20 device). The device itself packs a pretty hefty amount of hardware for the cost. It includes a microphone, a linear image sensor for barcode reading, assorted LEDs, a nice big button, speakers, Bluetooth Low Energy and Wifi. It’s all powered by (replaceable) AAA batteries, can be affixed to any magnetic surface or hung from an adhesive hook it ships with, and is remarkably compact and portable.