James Pavur

Quick Facts

Email: [email protected]
Resume: Download (.pdf)
Languages: js, python, php, c/c++, java, vba, html, css
Tools: IDA, gdb, Forensic Toolkit, volatiltiy, Atlassian Suite, Ansible
Skills: Reverse engineering, malware, forensics, software development, pentesting, project management, policy research

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James Pavur is a Rhodes Scholar and PhD student at Oxford University in the Centre for Doctoral Training on Cyber-Security. Prior to attending Oxford he graduated with valedictory honors from Georgetwn University’s Walsh School of Foreign Service where he majored in Science, Technology, and International Affairs.

His PhD research revolves around the intersection between cyber-security and space technology with a particular focus on satellite communications. However, he has a broader interest in the dynamics of cyber-policy and national cyber-strategy.

You can find his blog and a list of hobby and professional projects on this site as well as through the links in the profile box at the top of this page.


I may be available for limited ad-hoc consultancy arrangements.

Just reach out to me via LinkedIn or using the contact information above to see if your project is a good mutual fit.